louis spoelstra  -   Amsterdam 1943

He completed his education at the Film Academy in Amsterdam and later studied History of Antiquity at the Vrije Universiteit. Since 1965 he has worked as a film editor and in other positions on many film and television programs, mostly for the VPRO and the VARA. With an important emphasis on documentaries and art programmes. From this experience, he became senior lecturer at the Film Academy from 1983 and later head of video design at the Royal Academy of Art. He has been making documentaries and collage animations for various clients on a limited scale for 20 years now. He also often collaborates with artists in installations and media projects.



1964  graduation in Camera and Editing at Dutch Film Academy  Amsterdam

1965  -1985 free lance editor of numerous projects for Dutch television

1970  grant from the Ministry of Culture for short feature film  'De succesvolle soort'

1983 –1988 lecturer at Dutch Film and Television Academy

1983 –1988 lecturer video/photography  School of Photography

1988 –1999 head video department Royal Academy of Fine Arts



1995  founding of Carthago Media & Art various animated film projects (a.o.Shell and Erasmus University)

1999  multimedia installation SAM-event

2000  web-art-project 'Lifeside'

2001  experimental film O for 'Ars Electronica', Wien

2002  exhibition 'Videoart from the Netherlands' San Francisco

2003  documentary film projects in China 'Going to Changma'

2004  documentary film project in India 'Breaking the future'

2004  web-art-project t 'DRMLNE'

2005  installation 'DroomZee' for Sea of Dreams, Den Helder

2006  installation/photoproject 'Kinship' - Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

2007  documentary about orchestra Fanfare Amicitia - Den Hout  'Een vriend is als een tweede ik'

2008  videoinstallation 'Rot' for SPD-Deutschland (Kleve)

2009  videorecordings Knitting-project with Nell Berger

2011  travelphoto project Main Street USA

2012  participation 2e Ruhr Biennale Dortmund (photography)

2013  video-installation 'Die letzte Butterfahrt'- Venlo production and design expositioncatalogue

2013  documentary about education in India 'An elephant has come into the village'

2014  photoproject 'Urban Landscapes' Berlin

2014  participation Second International Art Competition Częstochowa - Polen

2015  video 'Maria' for exposition in Viersen (D)

2015  participation Art Fair - Bussum Cultureel

2016   photobook Main Street USA

2017   documentary 'Colors on the wind" - India

2018   documentary 'Beyond Boundaries' - Chinese artist in residence project vanTaifun - Düsseldorf